General English Courses

Blended English Courses

Make real progress and enjoy yourself too!

Develop your English language skills in order to communicate with a higher degree of fluency

Available levels: intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced & proficient (B1, B2, C1, C2) 

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General English Courses

Much more than traditional English lessons!

Designed for busy people who REALLY want to improve their English. You need motivation from a teacher but you also want some flexibility and space to use and practise what you are learning.

And …. you want to ENJOY yourself along the way!

Quality teaching

Lessons with Cambridge certified British English teacher with over 20 years experience

Blended learning

This is a blended course mixing live lessons with on-demand self-study modules

General English Course
Make real progress

With our methodology, you will practise and activate what you are learning

Improve your level

Develop all the English language skills to improve the way you interact and communicate in English

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Individual courses

Blended learning: a mix of scheduled live classes and digital self-study modules focused on all aspects of communicative English

Blended Course

Live sessions + on-demand lessons

€90 per month (for 3 months)

Blended Course

Live sessions + on-demand lessons

€240 one-off payment – save €30

Kerin Goodall Founder of English Digital Academy

Course Details

Blended English courses taught by British English teacher, Kerin Goodall

These courses are skills-based designed to help you develop your English language skills in order to communicate with a higher degree of fluency so you can interact effectively in English.

Course outcomes: You will develop grammatical and vocabulary skills needed to understand complex and abstract topics as well as engage in regular interactions with native speakers with fluency and confidence

  • Live lessons via Zoom/Teams | Digital pack via EDA platform
  • Live lessons: 12 sessions (30 minutes) each
  • Self-Study On-demand Digital Lessons + progress tests
  • Lesson times Mon-Fri 8:00am-6:00pm (CET Rome) depending on availability of teacher and student
  • Levels: B1+, B2, C1 & C2
  • Individual Course Price: €240 or 3 payments of €90
  • Group Courses: are currently full

WHY traditional language classes can be disappointing

I’ve taught traditional courses in the past, and although they can be effective I think there is massive room for improvement.

What usually happens is students attend the lesson and then close their notebook for the whole week, don’t do anything in English, don’t review, practise or use what was learned in that lesson. Obviously they feel disappointed when they don’t make much progress.


EDA Methodology

With our Blended English courses you will have the right mix of live lessons and self-study modules (the practice and activation phase). 

This means you constantly review what you are learning and you can track your progress and highlight areas you still need to review (the reflection phase).

You’ll also have opportunities to dive deeper into specific areas such as writing, grammar and pronunciation if you wish.

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