Business English courses designed for international working relations

The most effective courses to improve your communication in English.

What does professional or business English mean?

Professional English is a way of communicating in English that is effective in transmitting messages of a professional and working nature, adopting a communication style that is credible and authoritative.

Why study business English?

If you have never worked abroad, you have probably been less exposed to the communication culture typical of English mother tongue countries. When you work with native English speakers, whether they are American, British or from other countries, you find that the speakers use the appropriate phrases and tone of voice for the situation and context.

For example, native English speakers use a different tone of voice and vocabulary depending on whether it is a formal situation, such as a meeting or informal, such as a chat at the coffee machine.

In addition, the use of a broad and professional English vocabulary gives the speaker a professional aspect and gives him authority.

Why take a professional English course with English Digital Academy?

We have created our business English courses with the aim of teaching professional vocabulary, tone of voice and communication strategies in English to be effective in communication in the workplace.

Our experience in multinational companies in Italy and abroad ranges from the automotive sector to the pharmaceutical sector, working and teaching English to all employees, from office workers to managers.

Our courses are available 24/7, have an affordable cost to everyone thanks to internet technologies and are customized ✅ based on your needs.

Are online courses effective?

Online courses are also more effective than traditional courses. Online on demand or live courses allow students to follow the lessons at their preferred speed, they can pause a video or review it, they can use the headphones to hear the details of the pronunciation and they can ask questions to the teacher in the comments of each lesson .

How are the online courses composed?

How the courses are structured
a part of understanding: with audio and video specially created by our teachers 👩‍🏫 taken from real and international sources such as newspapers The Guardian, BBC, Ted and others.
A written part in which students have to express themselves through writings directly online A spoken part in which students send audio recorded by them to the teachers.
Finally, there are the live courses via zoom in which students use communicative and expressive means in real time.

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