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Your English teacher

Kerin Goodall English Teacher & founder of English Digital Academy
  • Teaching English since 2001
  • British English
  • Scottish (and proud!)
  • Live in (and love!) Italy
  • MA Hons Degree in English from the University of Aberdeen
  • Cambridge CELTA qualified
  • Director of Studies IH certificate
  • Founder of language school Inglese Firenze in Florence and EnglishDigitalAcademy.com
  • Specialise in Advanced English, Business English & course creation

Learn from someone who really gets it

Hi! I’m Kerin. I’ve been teaching English for over 17 years and I’ve taught all kinds of people from all over the world; from Japan to Chile, from CEOs to high school students! 

I’m also a language student myself (my quest to learn Italian has been epic!) so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to learning a language!

With all of my experiences combined, I have a 360° vision of what my students need. I see an abundance of English material out there, but as we more towards upper intermediate and advanced learners, the choice of quality online courses becomes less and less. 

I understand that my students’ needs are very different to people who are just starting to learn. I’m also aware of the fact that by this point in your English journey, you might not feel like attending a traditional course in a school. That’s why I wanted to create something fresh and dynamic,  exclusively for learners who already have a high level of English and aimed at people who have a real passion for the English language.

Our story

My students inspired me to build EDA!

I started my teaching career in Edinburgh, Scotland which was followed by a good chunk of time in Milan and then London. About 4 years into my career, I began to specialise in business English, and had the chance to work in several international companies. This was a turning point for me as it opened up a whole new world  professionally and this experience allowed me to get where I am today.  

In 2013, we moved to Florence and I quickly discovered it was a different town compared to Milan! There wasn’t the same demand for business English and the schools I came across were not great (I’m being diplomatic!) So, I decided to change tack and I opened my own small, but quirky English school. And because it was mine, I was able to put together programmes that I wanted to do. I worked with a teacher who has the same mindset as I do, and we were able to get really creative with our lessons and events and i started becoming really interested in advanced English. I learnt so much with this experience and it is one of things I am most proud of. However, in 2018 we moved back to Milan, for family reasons and the school changed hands.

When I left, my students asked me what was next?! They didn’t want to stop studying English with me, but they didn’t want to move north with me either! 

I needed to come up with a way that my students could keep up their English, in an engaging and effective way, but that wouldn’t break the bank (individual lessons are expensive!)

I had already been playing around with the idea of eLearning, but I’d never really got anywhere with it due to lack of time and expertise. However, when we left for Milan, I suddenly had all this time on my hands. It was the perfect opportunity to study the digital world, the platform and so on, and design my new courses. Therefore, after a lot of research …(and many false starts!) … English Digital Academy was born and launched!

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