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We are a family business dedicated to delivering a personalised English training to our clients. We have created English Digital Academy to provide our students with an innovative and enjoyable way to take their English to the next level.

Business English for professionals

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Our courses are designed for students with an intermediate level of English or higher (B1, B2, C1, C2)

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English Training for companies

Choose which courses to add to your training program depending on your needs and budget

  • live online English training
  • on-demand courses
  • conversation course
  • Business English workshops
  • English Club for companies

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Types of training

Choose and combine the courses that are most relevant for your company

On-demand courses

Flexible, self-paced digital learning, with feedback and support from Cambridge certified teacher.

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Live lessons

Scheduled live lessons via Zoom with Cambridge certified British English teacher. Groups or one-to-one.

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Blended: on demand + live lessons

A mix of scheduled classes and digital self-study modules focused on all aspects of communicative English

English Club for companies

A brand new programme for high-level English speakers who want to brush up and maintain their English, without doing an English course.

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Our courses are designed to improve communication skills so that you can see immediate benefits

Why on-demand?

Online Business English Course Highlights

These courses have been created by Kerin Goodall in order to address the most common problems her students have, regardless of the industry one works in.


no need to commit to scheduled lessons: start immediately and access courses whenever and wherever you want



designed for people who are seeking engaging content and wish to move their English towards proficiency



created for people who desire to be able to work more effectively and professionally in English



focus on improving communication in English in real-life situations


EDA methodology

learn faster with our method which includes opportunity to activate what you are learning


Cost effective

each course contains the equivalent of 4-6 hours of teaching time, but at a fraction of the cost



improve confidence and the ability to engage with people in English



receive personalised feedback and guidance from our certified Teacher

Live Lessons Online

Tailor-made to fit the needs of the company and the needs of the student

Tailor-made programme designed to make our lessons relevant, useful and impactful
Receive on-the-spot guidance and feedback to help with accuracy in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation
Custom-made study materials that recreate realistic, practical and interactive situations, role-plays, debates and presentations
Lesson with Cambridge certified experienced British English teacher

Conversation class

Conversation skills are essential for developing relationships at work

Increase speaking and discussion skills

Improve fluency and confidence

Expand high-level vocabulary

Refine pronunciation

Improve ability to discuss complex topics beyond your comfort zone

Improve assertiveness and politeness

English Club for companies

English Club for companies

A brand new and unique programme on the market to help keep your employees English fit and healthy!

Designed specially for:

  • people who already have a high level of English
  • people who want to maintain and refine their English
  • people who don’t want to commit to a full-on course
  • companies who want to offer English training but are unable to commit to a full training programme right now

Starting at €27 per month

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Kerin Goodall

Meet your teacher

“With over 20 years teaching experience I’ve had the opportunity to try out different methods of teaching. My favourite is the communicative method and that’s what primarily drives the creation of my courses. However, our methodology goes beyond traditional language teaching and will allow you to improve your English faster.”
Kerin Goodall, Founder and Certified English Teacher


Online learning methodology designed by Kerin Goodall

Designed to be effective, relevant and practical

English Digital Academy’s methodology is designed to increase the learning by adding 3 layers to that of traditional courses:

Methodology Comparison

  • INPUT: this is the teaching and discovery stage and often where teaching stops
  • PRACTICE & REVIEW: this is where you consolidate and practise what you learn
  • ACTIVATION: this is your opportunity to use what you learn in contexts that are relevant and meaningful to you
  • VERIFICATION: this is where you test what you learn and analyse your feedback


What Students Are Saying

“I have done loads of English courses during my life. This is the course where I learned the most and I really saw a deep improvement”


“EDA was my best discovery this year! I’ve been looking for a way to improve my english for quite a while and finally found the perfect balance between a self manageable program and personalized feedback. The content was so updated, original and well structured that I was happily impressed. I have already enrolled in more courses to keep improving my english with this professional and fun platform.”


“It was a wonderful experience indeed. The topics were so fascinating, that learning was almost effortless. Kerin teaches you to use English as naturally as native speakers do, without getting too informal. Soon I noticed I started to keep up a conversation in English just like in my native tongue, not just stating facts, but expressing emotions, encouragement, making jokes… You know, all those things we do daily with our family and friends.”


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Kerin Goodall Founder of English Digital Academy

Kerin Goodall

Cambridge Certified Teacher and Founder of English Digital Academy

We have created our Business English courses with the aim of teaching the best vocabulary, tone of voice and communication strategies in English to be effective in communicating in the workplace.

My experience in multinational companies in Italy and abroad, started in 2002 and I’ve had the pleasure to work with companies such as Ferragamo, YSL, BMW, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson and Janssen. I’ve taught people from all different types of jobs, from an Olympic snow slope designer to executives and CEOs!

Using my knowledge, education and experience, we’ve created training solutions that are high-quality, flexible and effective. Find out how we can help you.